About — Patti J Fairbanks ("PJF")

As far back as I can remember

As far back as I can remember, it was love at first site…colors, crayons, paints and pencils. My adoration for art maintained its grip through my middle and high school years.

As a college student I attended the University of Washington as well as Western Washington University. After completing my BFA in graphic design, illustration and fine arts, my first job involved creating illustrations for Geographics, a stationary supply company.

I also dabbled with mural painting and freelance graphic design. I was later employed by Tabar Inc., a glove design company for the outdoor recreational market.


Today, I find myself revisiting my fascination with paints and pencils! I love painting with oils primarily.

The way I would characterize my style is, an evolution in observation that makes a painting feel right. I love seeing my style change over time.

So here I am, back to my roots… this internal drive that persists within me, is taking me down yet another creative path.

My paintings are signed with my initals, "PJF".

I hope you enjoy the paintings.

Patti J. Fairbanks
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